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CsI(Tl)mini detector

 sample Data


Size of crystal: 10mm×10mm×10mm
Size of product : 12cm×6cm×2cm
Interface : D-Sub 9Pin
        Case GND(1)、+5V(3)、GND(5)、−5V(8)
HV:+36 (N battery×3)Built in Replacement Cycle:2Year
Conecter:LEMO 30cmLEMO->BNC Cable is included


iFKR-ZIP Pro is most supreme measurment instrument of our product.
twin 2x2x1inch Crystals have placed to both side of detective sample.
Which constituition makes High detective efficiency and less amount of sample request.
if we Compare to conventional measuring instrument like Marineli, 1liter to 100g.

we have confidence to our other product as well, but measuring with 1 deteceter always have problem of
sum-peak. so only this product ignor sum-peak problem.
containing 2 detectors, which means iFKR-ZIP PRO is able to measur the sample in more than 2 mode.
ANTI COINC mode, COINC mode, and Normal mode.

we, SMTX has Convicted CsI detector has Developed enough and now so close to Ge detecet with
releasing this product!


[detecet ]
crystal: 2x2x1inch CsI(Tl)2

sample chamber : 25mm x 78mm x 87mm
sample requested : 100g
     (ideal for plastic ZIP BAG. doubled ZIP BAG is recomended for avoid Contamination)

shielding : lead. 10cm to earth10cm for side5cm for top
aparture: one 12mmφ hole on side for the connecter

external dimention: 30cm x 30cm x 26cm(H) exept protrusion
weight : about 250Kg
detective efficiency :Absolute efficiency of 10%

[ MCA ]
Analog type MCA / memory size 4Kch 32bit/ch

ADC: 12bit4096ch)x 2ch
detective mode : normal,ANTI,COINC are able to be switched by software

measurment nuclide ]

[ instalation adjustment ]
note : shielding block is 11kg for each. please mind not to drop on feet.
full weight is about 250kg. please make sure floor, or desk is sturdy.


 latest analog hybrid ADC and DSP built in One chip MCU are contained.
USB power supply is enough to be activated.Corresponding to many type of detectors such as Ge(Li), CsI(Tl), and SDD. This product is cheap edition of MCA5105. this product has high type and low type.
low type is achieved price of ¥198,000.


仕様 MCA memory size :4096(32bit/ch)
AD converting speed :1.2uSec 14bits
integral nonlinerity :+/−0.01%
differencial nonlinerity :+/−0.64%
input signal(ADC direct):0〜5V、0〜8V switch LEMO
LLD:5turn potentionmeter
preset time :32bits unit of 100ms
interface :USB2.0Full Speed
power:100mA by USB
weight :90g
status shows by:LED ON/OFF
input inpedance:1KΩ
input pulse:100ns peaking time
maximum count rate:350Kps(low type) 800Kps(high type)


ADC2318 is ADC module for MCA.Constituited by Exclusive use of nuclear detective peak detect circuit and ADC.
this product have Crucial spec requested to MCA, such as "unmatched accuracy for peak detection" and
"fine differencial nonlinerity". those specs are confirmed by pulser at 1 channel.(pulse 1ch.jpg)。

tempreture stability is customed by 100ppm to 10ppm.
requested power has been developed to more ecological as 50mA to 18mA.and half sized.

test report and inspection report is able to order optionaly.

 2318-1.jpg channel test by a pulser.
 2318-2.jpg confirming differencial nonlinerity by sliding pulser.
 2318-3.jpg spectrum of logarismic scale by sliding pulser.
 2318-4.jpg peak hold signal(blue) and input pulse(sky-blue) at AD convertion.
 2318-5.jpg peak detected signal.
 2318-6.jpg busy signal of ADC module.

- Value
ADC resolution:4096ch
AD Converting speed:1.2uSec
input pulse:peaking time of 100ns(Reference value :50ns)
integral nonlinerity :+/−0.01%
differencial nonlinerity :+/−0.63%
tempreture stability:10ppm/℃
input signal:0〜5V、(if add 500Ω at input 0〜10V)
input inpedance:500Ω(0〜5V)、1kΩ(0〜10V)
power:+5V 18mA, -5V 9mA, +3.3V 0.13mA (1Kcps at measuring)

ADC2318 test board is also available for the optional order.

which is ideal to test the ADC2318 quicker and understand. board schematic exept ADC module is attached.

 test board power:by USB
MCA memory size:4096ch 32bit/ch
through put:about 800Kcps
size(cm):1.5x5.5x9.1 (visitting card size) 



those survay meter IFKR254(left) and IFKR508(right) are both controlled by touch pannel and lotary switch.

spectrum integraming is shown real time.
ideal to the field work.

find the nuclide of Cs-134 Cs-137 K-40.
suitable to searching Hot spot.

software, battery, battery charger, and 2GBmicroSD card are Associated.


Giant CsI(Tl)Cristal and elaborate polishment

 from left, 10cubic mm、1cubic inch、2cubic inchs.

CsI(Tl) is Excellent at Physical durability and tempreture tempreture drift like NaI crystal, no Liquid nitrogen need like Ge crystal.

spec differ
resolution:6%(Cs137) / 7%(Cs137)
measuring range:0.001〜20μSv/h / 0.001〜10μSv/h
sensitivity:26000CpmμSv/h / 100000CpmμSv/h
size of detector:25.4x25.4x25.4 / 50.8x50.8x50.8
size of product:130x100x240 / 130x100x300
weight:1.53 / 2.22
similar spec of
both product
display range:Cpm μSv/h
energy range:50Kev
spectrum memory:2GB micro SD memory
calibration:before shipping
suitable tempreture:0〜40℃ no Dew condensation
safe keeping tempreture:0〜50℃ no Dew condensation
Impact tolerance:based on precision instrument
MCA memory size:4096ch(32bit/ch)
AD converting speed:1.2μsec 14bit
integral nonlinearity:+/−0.01%、0.64%
preset time:32bit100ms for unit
Interface:USB2.0 Full Speed
Power:D size battery x 3 + 12V battery x3
display:3.2inch TFT colour
input inpedance:1KΩ
Maximum CPS:100ns peaking time
Double buffer memory:2Kch x 2pingpong mode


 IFKR-ZIP and ZIP-Advance is only need 320g of testing sample for measuring.
use:for food,soil,and water
Detective limit:1.0Bq/Kg
analyzing nuclide:Cs-134/Cs-137/K-40
time to stabilize:after 3 minuits of power supply
measuring range:80KeV〜2MeV
shielding:lead 40mm
Environmental:less than 35℃, no liquid nitrogen needed, no Dew condence
power:AC100V 1A